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3D Metal Series

  • Independent research and development: Full-owned intellectual property rights for metal 3D printer; self-developed core software; Parameters can be adjusted for free.
  • Strong compatibility: Support all kinds of powder materials. Multiple materials can be printed on the same device.
  • Strong confidentiality: The core technology is self-developed, and its confidentiality is excellent, which is suitable for the military industry.
  • Joint development: Can develop new materials and applications together with customers; The machine can be highly customized.
  • Easy operation: The system is easy to operate and comes with pre-training.
  • Efficient producing: Building rate at 5-20 cm³/ hour.
  • Personalized customization: Can Satisfy the needs of research institutes, medical institutions, universities and industrial enterprises.
  • Short delivery time: 1 to 3 months can be delivered.
  • Fast after-sales response: on-site service within 24 hours nationwide.
  • Technical Specifications

    External dimensions (W × D × H) 1215mm × 940mm × 1925mm
    Weight 600kg
    Maximum Build size 120mm x 120mm x 100mm
    Maximum powder Reservoir capacity 50mm×120mm x 100mm
    Powder coating Layer Thickness 30μm (typical) (20μm~100μm adjustable)
    Minimum layer thickness 200 μm approx.Based on typical 6 layer build rate for full density fill of 99.8% criteria rating.
    Build Rate Approximately 5-20 cm3/h
    Laser Galvanometer High precision dynamic focusing and laser galvanometer scanning system .Three-axis scanning galvanometer with mark speed up to 5.000 mm/s
    Laser 200W Yb: Fiber Laser and Optics @ 1070 nm
    Laser spot Diameter Approximately 50um
    Build plate Heating System Temperature control setting program
    Maximum temperature 200°C
    Monitoring System Oxygen sensorOxygen content detection range ≤100PPM Chamber temperature Gas flow rate
    Power Requirements 220VAC, 50/60hz, 3KVA, Single phase
    Powder Coater Tools Standard Silicone rubber sheet blade High performance heat-resistant ceramic blade
    Powder Feeding Method Single-cylinder powder feeding, single direction
    Process gas Standard N2/AR interface ready for cylinder/facility gas supply (Does not include nitrogen generator)
    Gas flow system Recirculating with filtration/purification system Consumption Approx. 4l/h in process mode
    Operating system Windows7 64bit
    Software Control software System 3D CAD processing software • Free software usage fee. • No onsite service fee is included.
    File Data format STL
    Printing power materials Titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, cobalt chromium alloy, stainless steel, die steel, etc.No restrictions on powder suppliers meeting machine powder requirements. Other non-listed metal 3D printing field related technology full support.

    Accessories and equipment included

  • Build plates (2 nos.)
  • Powder sieving machine
  • Industrial Vacuum Cleaner 40L
  • Drying chamber for the drying of metal powder in low O2 environment.
  • PPE - Protective eyepieces and protective masks